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We’re running a little friendly contest in Capgemini where our experts describe how using social media has worked for them. I felt this was interesting enough to share with a wider audience so here you go.

My social media influence has evolved beyond anything I could imagine before I joined #expertconnect. I have done social media for decades – from BBS through IRC, News, Facebook and more to Yammer. I spent a lot of time doing it but had few returns on the time and effort I invested.

When I joined #expertconnect, my social media partner (SMP) (at that time, it was Bibin) provided me with the goals, strategies and tools I needed to make social media work for me. Since that first introduction I’ve also learned the importance of:

Being active on social media and having a focus on quality over quantity has forced me to learn something new every day. I follow interesting people and topics and find new things to learn, apply and share.

What social media influence I have gained

My social media presence has helped me gain credibility with clients. If they wonder, I can always point them to my blog. Credibility established through social media has landed me more than one advisory level engagement.

My social media influence has helped me connect with new and interesting people. I have won new friends through social media especially Twitter. Many of them, I have now met IRL. People whom I wouldn’t even have heard about if I had not been active and listening on social media.

My social media activity has helped me win new business with clients. Remember that Saturday morning when I saw a LinkedIN request while tending my sheep? The trust established through that engagement has led to more engagements. We transformed from being yet another SI to a team which helps with innovation.

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