Will ITIL survive Agile and DevOps?

ITIL is the gold standard for running IT departments in most large companies. ITIL is in many ways geared towards limiting and managing change. But how can managed change with long lead times be compatible with an outside world that changes ever faster? Can ITIL and agile change co-exist?

Not long ago, I had a Twitter conversation regarding if current ITIL implementations are compatible with quick changes.

Some argue that DevOps will be the death of ITIL while others hold out hope for Fast Lane ITIL.

Greger interviews Casimir about ITILSource: Owned by the author

I asked Casimir Artmann if ITIL can survive and evolve at the pace of DevOps. He responds here.

So, what will the future look like? Will ITIL survive? Will it be so changed that you cannot recognize it any longer — sort of the way Agile is different from traditional project management yet builds on the same concepts. I recently had the chance to interview Casimir Artmann. He has many years of experience from ITIL implementations. His conclusion was that ITIL will survive, but only if it evolves. See the interview below or read Casimir’s blog post where he develops his thoughts even further.

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