Tech debt and duct tape

Tech debt cannot be fixed with duct tape. Fixing your technical debt with duct tape only makes it worse. I’ve written earlier that tech debt needs to be managed carefully or it will overwhelm you. Below, you will find a video where I and Joakim Lindbom discuss tech debt with Casimir Artmann.

Bracing the corner posts

Technical debt can be the result of poor design, sloppy execution or changing circumstances. In the video, I talk about the problems I’ve had with my fence. I thought I followed best practice for bracing the corner posts. In fact, I didn’t. In reality, the so called best practice turned out to make things worse instead of better. Watch the video and I’ll show you what the consequences were and how I was able to refactor the design.

While it is certainly nice that I was able to fix the problem, it would have been much better if they were never there. The time I have to spend on fixing could have been used on something better. Perhaps writing a blog post or doing a video about technical debt. Right?

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  • a model of technical debt management: Owned by the author

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