Credit card fraud and stalled innovation

A set of credit cards and a keyboard. Credit card fraud is just a click away.

Credit card fraud has always fascinated me. I am intrigued by how easy it is for the criminals. I am astonished at how little is being done to stop it. I wonder why proven solutions are not being rolled out. Innovation is too slow in this area. Scroll down if…

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Security backlash in the henhouse

The flock is surprised. A chain link fence blocks their access to the front yard.

I had a grand plan, but something happened. I was going to automate my little hobby henhouse. I created a video and a blog post where I reached out to all of you for support. And you responded: you sent me comments and blog posts. Henrik Söderqvist went as far…

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When cloud services disappear

A can of fermented baltic herring - all you have left when your cloud service disappears?

When Nest decided to brick all Revolv devices they gave us a strong reminder: sometimes cloud services disappear! When the once search giant Altavista petered out, no one cared and few noticed. The users had already moved on to Bing, Yahoo or Google. Perhaps a few young people reacted, reminded…

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Two recent posts

I’ve recently posted two pieces of content on other platforms:

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How Information Gets Stolen

I just found a very interesting article from the software engineering institute on how information gets stolen by insiders. Did you know that: E-mail is the most common method of exfiltration. Almost all thieves are men. Most information thieves steal from IT and telecom company. Most thefts happen within 30…

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Does Agile lead to secure software?

According to some Norwegian researchers, agile software development in small and medium sized enterprises does not result in more secure software. Their solution is to make some ‘extensions’ to agile development methodology. I am sceptical. I think it would be a matter of how the agile methods are applied not…

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