Search based software engineering 10 years

Apparently, Search Based Software Engineering or SBSE celebrates 10 years as a research area this year. A bibliometric analysis of 740 contributions was recently published in honor of this landmark. I wonder if my own small contribution is included there?


[bibtex file=]

About Greger Wikstrand

Greger Wikstrand, Ph.D. M.Sc. is a TOGAF 9 certified enterprise architect with an interest in e-heatlh, m-health and all things agile as well as processes, methods and tools. Greger Wikstrand works as a consultant at Capgemini where he alternates between enterprise agile coaching, problem solving and designing large scale e-health services ...


  1. Hi!
    I am the author Fabrício Freitas, and I wanna let you know that your paper from SSBSE 2010 is indeed in the bibliometric analysis! In fact, it is counted also on a special table about collaboration outside universitiy!

  2. Thanks Fabrício! That is very nice to know. Not being in a university getting access to some of these publications is so expensive… 🙂

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