Search based software engineering 10 years

Apparently, Search Based Software Engineering or SBSE celebrates 10 years as a research area this year. A bibliometric analysis of 740 contributions was recently published in honor of this landmark. I wonder if my own small contribution is included there? References [bibtex file=]

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Generating Whole Test Suites with SBSE

I find this rather exciting, generating / optimizing your whole test suite automatically.

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SBSE meets FST

Together with Wasif Afzal, Richard Torkar and Robert Feldt I have submitted a paper for publication at the SSBSE 2010 conference. The title of the paper is “Search-based prediction of fault-slip-through in large software projects”.

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Auto fix your bugs with UT and SBSE

Your mother probably taught you to write unit test cases for all your code? She probably insisted that you should write a new test case for every reported bug? You probably wondered why, but still followed her advice like any dutiful child?

Now, the answer is here. With the help of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) and Genetic Programming (GP) some researchers have shown how you can use all your hard earned test cases to auto-fix your bugs.