Minimal Effort Software Engineering

Applications used to be monolithic, end-to-end do it all systems. Developing these mamooths often failed and still continues to fail today. Enter the idea of software ecosystems. For instance, Jan Bosch wrote about the concept in this article from 2009.

Software systems are increasingly not developed any more. They are composed. The trick is to make a minimal effort using existing components and nodes and create the business logic that ties it all together. is an excellent example of the power of composition.

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Greger Wikstrand, Ph.D. M.Sc. is a TOGAF 9 certified enterprise architect with an interest in e-heatlh, m-health and all things agile as well as processes, methods and tools. Greger Wikstrand works as a consultant at Capgemini where he alternates between enterprise agile coaching, problem solving and designing large scale e-health services ...

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