The evidence is in – TDD works!

In the November/December issue of IEEE Software the Voice of Evidence addresses Test Driven Development (TDD). Researcher Forrest Shull and several colleagues have reviewed the research literature on TDD. They posed three questions: Does TDD improve delivered quality? Does TDD improve internal code quality? Does TDD improve productivity? They found…

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CPP unit testing frameworks

In a previous post, I was discussing briefly which the best C++ unit testing framework could be. The economic benefits of succesfully applying unit testing are substantial after all. After careful consideration I have found two candidates: Google Test and Parasoft C++Test. Google Test is a comprehensive unit testing framework…

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CPP unit test overview

In my last post, I talked about the economic benefits of unit testing. There is a plethora of unit testing tools for Java but far fewer for CPP. Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle provides a somewhat dated (2005) overview of the available tools.

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Does unit testing pay off?

Does it really pay off to do Unit Testing? According to a study conducted at Microsoft it does. The study quotes an increase in development time of about 30% in order to get decent code coverage. The benefits are a reduction of bugs found in verification of 20% and a…

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Auto fix your bugs with UT and SBSE

Your mother probably taught you to write unit test cases for all your code? She probably insisted that you should write a new test case for every reported bug? You probably wondered why, but still followed her advice like any dutiful child?

Now, the answer is here. With the help of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) and Genetic Programming (GP) some researchers have shown how you can use all your hard earned test cases to auto-fix your bugs.