Mob programming – with Woody Zuill

Whenever we have urgent, complex work we sit down and do it together. In our every day work, we make do with occasional meetings. Why do daily scrums when you can do day long scrums? That is how I understand mob programming, but that is not why Woody Zuill and his team started with it. Continue reading

Agile Team Staffing

A penjing or bonsai forest in potted plants. Beautiful and serene, yes. But is it strong?

Agile team staffing is about staffing your agile teams and managing the talents of the teams not just the people. So, how do you create agile teams where the members trust each other? Keeping the same teams over a longer period will help teams develop transactive memory and trust. But…

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Agile and TMS

A transactive memory system is what allows a team to know who knows what.

What is transactive memory? How does it impact agile work? How do you improve it?

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