Agile is Always Appropriate

Sometimes, people tell me that “Agile is not appropriate” in this or that context. I believe that’s plain wrong. Agile, as seen from the basic principles, is always appropriate. That doesn’t mean that all versions of agile are appropriate in all situations. And it doesn’t mean that you will be sucessful just because you use agile. And saying that you are agile doesn’t mean that you are. Are you agile? Perhaps this is the source of the confusion?

Are You Agile?

A snip of the Agile Karlskrona TestSource: Owned by the author

The Agile Karlskrona Test

Are you Agile? Are you doing the “so called” 12 key agile practices? Have you taken the Agile Karlskrona Test? I am going to try it out on a customer today.