Rock star agile developers


Rock star agile developers. We are all talking about them. But are they truly out there? Studies show that developer productivity falls into a wide range. An average run-of-the mill developer has a productivity of 1. A great programmer might be a 10. A poor programmer might be a -1. Yes, that’s right: put an average programmer and a poor programmer in a team and they will cancel each other for a net productivity of 0. A rock star agile developer, on the other hand, might be a 30. And yes, that’s right, a single rock star developer might be the equivalent of a rather large project in productivity.


This blog post was inspired by a really thought provoking tweet by Arnaud Bailly:

Perhaps you can help me answer the following questions?

  • How are actual rock stars or football stars different from software development stars?
  • Why do I keep talking about rock star agile developers and not rock star software developers?
  • What should you do to become a rock star agile developer? [bibcite key=”citeulike:13429263″]
  • How do you create an environment where these rock stars thrive and stay? [bibcite key=”citeulike:7570337,citeulike:13532852″]



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