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Data I/O Model 29B Universal Programmer with a UniPak 2

Legacy systems come in many forms, here a Data I/O Model 29B


Legacy systems come in many forms. Would you have to update your solution if it had one of these?

Data I/O 29B Universal Programmer (circa 1984). The 29B could hold several different plugin modules and is shown with UniPak 2 PROM module. The UniPak 2 could program virtually all Programmable Read Only Memory devices (fuse link and erasable) made at the time. The 29B used a Motorola MC6802 microprocessor and could connect to a terminal or computer via a RS323 serial port. The 29B was introduced in 1984. Its predecessor, the System 19, was introduced in September 1978. The original UniPak was introduced in 1980 and UniPak 2 in January 1983. Over 10,000 of the systems were sold. Data I/O annual reports give the sales of the Model 29 and UniPak as $18 million in 1983 and $28 million in 1985. This system cost between $5000 and $7000 depending on options (1988 price list). Photo by Michael Holley (2008) with a Nikon D60 DSLR under tungsten lighting.

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