The World Quality Report

The World Quality Report is the result of ongoing collaboration between Capgemini, Sogeti and HP Software. The report is based on a global survey of more than 1,200 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, IT directors/managers and quality assurance directors/managers from around the world.

My employer publishes a lot of reports on the state of the world as experienced by our customers. One of those are the World Quality Report. Today I had a really interesting and rewarding lunch with one of the experts behind the report!

The Configuration Manager … in Linköping.

Picture of one of the entrances to C-huset at Linköping university, Campus Valla

The c-house at Linköping University. ‘LIU im herbst by deruneinholbare, on Flickr.’
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I spent last Friday in Linköping. It has been almost 12 years since I was there the last time. This time I came for two reasons: Continue reading

Extroverted programmers?

Have you ever heard the phrase: “I don’t want to be an engineer, I want to work with people!” I have heard it so many times. In my experience engineering jobs are all about working with people. But others disagree

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So after years of earning the seniority and months of going through the elevation process I finally got a letter from the IEEE announcing my elevation to the senior member grade (check the August 2011 section).

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Success Factors for Outsourcing Companies

An empty callcenter after a successful outsourcing?

Two days ago, I wrote about the kind of adversarial relationship possibly implicit in using requirements. I have started looking for research on what that relationship looks like and one of the first articles I came up with was a recent (April 2011) systematic literature review on success factors for…

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Using CiteULike and Bib2HTML in WordPress

You might be using the Bib2HTML plugin and CiteULike to present your publications on your wordpress blog. Playing around a bit with both tools today, I found a way to present only a selection of your entire CiteULike bibliography which I have not seen documented elsewhere. The following code snippet…

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About the Senior Member Meeting

A few days ago, I went to the senior member grade elevation meeting held by the IEEE Sweden Section. The meeting was quite interesting and a good opportunity to meet fellow engineers and hear about their careers.

We were divided in two groups of 12 persons each. In my group everyone either worked or had worked at Ericsson Research!

In time, the status of my application will be posted on the IEEE senior member site.

So why?

So what are the benefits of senior membership? (Thanks to Peter Parnes for asking.) IEEE lists them as:

  • Recognition
  • Leadership eligibility

Update 2014-11-16: Yes, everything went well. I am currently a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Senior Membership in the IEEE

I am about to apply for Senior Membership in the IEEE. To that end, I will go to the event held in Lund tomorrow. I spent some time on putting together an adapted CV and thought it might be of interest for readers of this blog – IEEE SM CV – Greger Wikstrand – 2011-03-29

What if we approached teaching SE using SE methods?

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How Information Gets Stolen

I just found a very interesting article from the software engineering institute on how information gets stolen by insiders. Did you know that: E-mail is the most common method of exfiltration. Almost all thieves are men. Most information thieves steal from IT and telecom company. Most thefts happen within 30…

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