Are We, like King Claudius, already Damned?

One of my first blog posts on this blog was a reaction to Daniel Markham’s rant on “Agile Ruined my Life“. Now Bob Marshall tells us that Agile Coaching is evil.

But are we like King Claudius damned if we merely do the acts without a good and honest heart:

[Rising] My words fly up, my thoughts remain below:
Words without thoughts never to heaven go.

Will Fake Agile, or what other clever label can be found for it by Julian Holmes, be any less efficient than the real thing? Or is the most important thing that we follow safe and proven agile practices as documented by many and proven by research.

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Greger Wikstrand, Ph.D. M.Sc. is a TOGAF 9 certified enterprise architect with an interest in e-heatlh, m-health and all things agile as well as processes, methods and tools. Greger Wikstrand works as a consultant at Capgemini where he alternates between enterprise agile coaching, problem solving and designing large scale e-health services ...

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