Consultants don’t get Beach Time

Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina - No consultants on this beach.

[bibshow] As a consultant and contractor I should be able to spend a lot of time on the beach. But I don’t. I work long days. I spend a lot of time on work related travel. I often have late night conference calls with colleagues, partners and customers in other…

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So after years of earning the seniority and months of going through the elevation process I finally got a letter from the IEEE announcing my elevation to the senior member grade (check the August 2011 section).

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About the Senior Member Meeting

A few days ago, I went to the senior member grade elevation meeting held by the IEEE Sweden Section. The meeting was quite interesting and a good opportunity to meet fellow engineers and hear about their careers.

We were divided in two groups of 12 persons each. In my group everyone either worked or had worked at Ericsson Research!

In time, the status of my application will be posted on the IEEE senior member site.

So why?

So what are the benefits of senior membership? (Thanks to Peter Parnes for asking.) IEEE lists them as:

  • Recognition
  • Leadership eligibility

Update 2014-11-16: Yes, everything went well. I am currently a Senior Member of the IEEE.

How Information Gets Stolen

I just found a very interesting article from the software engineering institute on how information gets stolen by insiders. Did you know that: E-mail is the most common method of exfiltration. Almost all thieves are men. Most information thieves steal from IT and telecom company. Most thefts happen within 30…

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The Cost of Knowledge

Much interesting research is published through Springer and other high cost publishers. Why do researchers limit the impact of their research by choosing less accessible publication channels?

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The Value of Certifications

What is the value of certifications and medals? Are they for your museum?

Should you certify yourself as a professional? Yes and no.

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