Using CiteULike and Bib2HTML in WordPress

You might be using the Bib2HTML plugin and CiteULike to present your publications on your wordpress blog. Playing around a bit with both tools today, I found a way to present only a selection of your entire CiteULike bibliography which I have not seen documented elsewhere.

  • The following code snippet will present your entire bibliography [bibtex file=] example
  • You can use the following snippet to select only your own work [bibtex file=] example
  • And you can use use tags to present only a selection of articles appropriate to a single blog entry [bibtex file=] example. In this case, I used the tag “20110817” to indicate articles which I referred to in a blog post on that date.

3 thoughts on “Using CiteULike and Bib2HTML in WordPress”

    1. I had some problems with the URL you provided until I realized that there was an extra \”,\” at the end of it. Instead of, it should be

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