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Agile Team Staffing

Agile team staffing is about staffing your agile teams and managing the talents of the teams not just the people. So, how do you create agile teams where the members trust each other? Keeping the same teams over a longer period will help teams develop transactive memory and trust. But of course there is an idea that the ideal solution is to pick new teams with the perfect people in them for each shorter or longer project.

Gardeners in the Software Ecosystem

Software engineers like to think of themselves as gardeners Continue reading Agile Team Staffing

Experienced Pair Programmers Write Better Code

According to a recent study by Andreas Höfer, experienced pair programmers write better code than novice pair programmers. This is in line with a study by Hannay et al. from last year where the researchers found that experience was a key performance predictor in pair programming.

It is interesting to note that skill and experience is shown again and again to beat other factors such as youth or personality. What does this imply for the way you manage your talents?