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Can you trust agile software development?

As a consultant and as an agilist I have a vested interest in trust. Trust might be seen as one of the top two factors for success in software development projects . Most of us have a vague idea of what is needed to create trust. Charles H Green of The Trusted Advisor has come up with “the trust equation“. I first learned about the trust equation in one of Joe Dager‘s excellent podcasts. Continue reading Can you trust agile software development?

Agile is Always Appropriate

Sometimes, people tell me that “Agile is not appropriate” in this or that context. I believe that’s plain wrong. Agile, as seen from the basic principles, is always appropriate. That doesn’t mean that all versions of agile are appropriate in all situations. And it doesn’t mean that you will be sucessful just because you use agile. And saying that you are agile doesn’t mean that you are. Are you agile? Perhaps this is the source of the confusion?

Un-Agile Manifesto – when you hate agile

A fisted hand holding two lightning bolts to symbolize the un-agile manifesto
Time to take a stand against Agile… Sign the un-agile manifesto…
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The so called Agile Manifesto has created so much excitement in the software development world and beyond. But for all those who got their life ruined by agile, for all those who oppose Agile methods in software development — it is time they got their own manifesto. Here it is — The un-agile manifesto.

The Un-agile Manifesto

We are rediscovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

  • Follwing a plan over responding to change
  • Contract negotation over customer collaboration
  • Comprehensive documentation over working software
  • Process and tools over individuals and interactions

That is, while there is some supposed value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. The Unagile Manifesto is based on the Unagile Principles.


Following a Plan

Responding to change is a bit of a joke. We known since time immemorial that there are no changes. “There is nothing new under the sun.” So what is change? It is just an attempt to create confusion and sabotage the project. It is better to stick to the plan.

Contract Negotiation

Customer collaboration is just another way to try to introduce changes into the project. A contract is what you have to guarantee to yourself and the customer that they get exactly what they pay for.

Comprehensive Documentation

How long will your software keep working if it is not documented?

Process and Tools

In hobby-sized projects people can chat and be nice, in industrial strength projects it is necessary to use processes and tools to align people and products.

This post was updated on 2013-12-18 with a rationale for each item in the manifesto.