12 Key Agile Practices

Which are the key agile practices? Researchers José Fortuna Abrantes and
Guilherme Horta Travassos combed the research literature and were able to identify
12 key agile practices:


  • [DOI] J. F. Abrantes and G. H. Travassos, “Common agile practices in software processes,” Empirical software engineering and measurement, international symposium on, pp. 355-358, 2011.
    abstract = {Objective: to investigate studies about software processes looking for practices which can be used to obtain agility in software processes. Method: A systematic review including seven search engines was executed in Feb/2010. To apply the defined criteria to select papers and extract information regarding working practices bringing agility to software processes. Results: from 6696 retrieved papers, 441 were selected to support the identification of 236 occurrences of 51 distinct practices associated with the concept of agility. Their descriptions were deeply analyzed and consolidated. After discarding those which appeared in the technical literature in a small amount of papers, 17 agile practices were identified. Conclusion: although further studies are necessary to evaluate the efficacy of these 17 agile practices, 12 of them have been more commonly approached in the software projects and could be primarily considered: test driven development, continuous integration, pair programming, planning game, onsite customer, collective code ownership, small releases, metaphor, refactoring, sustainable pace, simple design and coding standards.},
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